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2023 NY GALA

Chairperson’s Message


It is hard to believe it’s been 24 years since my big brother Gaskov Clerge passed away suddenly on March 7th, 1999. He died from a cancer he never knew he had. The GCF was founded in his memory to promote health, education, and sports in Haiti and the US, giving us decades of service in Haiti.  What an amazing blessing!  Our journey has been extraordinary, but the past three years have been incredibly challenging.  Reflecting on our accomplishments in Haiti, and maintaining our presence there, persistence, perseverance, grit, and resilience have proven to be key virtues.

As an organization, we have made significant strides in improving the lives of many Haitians in the South of Haiti. Through our collaborative efforts, we have implemented successful projects that have addressed some of the most pressing challenges facing the country: Health Care, Education, and Disaster Relief. Over the past 2 years, through your generosity, we have invested $400,000 in our communities: $193,563 in disaster relief; $181,277 in health and $25,000 in scholarship funds.  Read more...

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 GCF is committed to empowering individuals and will carry out its mission by: Establishing both domestic and international programs/scholarship funds that assist deserving individuals pursuing academic excellence in the sciences.

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