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Since 1999, GCF has been providing scholarships to under-privileged students at the primary level in Southern Haiti.  The goal has always been to provide a strong foundation for these children, by giving them access to the best-performing primary schools.  All of GCF's scholarship recipients are from families at or below poverty level.  Their parents are hopeful and determined to give their children a chance at an education and all have high hopes that some day their children will find their way out of poverty into prosperity.  To that end, many of our older scholarship recipients are now lawyers, doctors, nurses and are at least earning a salary.  Some are pursuing their education abroad.  On an average, GCF provides 100 scholarships a year.  The organization aims to continue this program and extend it to even more deserving students.

GCF partners with the School District of Palm Beach County to sponsor a county-wide essay contest each year celebrating Haitian Heritage Month during the month of May. Since 2004, the Haitian Heritage Month Celebration Committee has been organizing the annual Haitian Heritage Month Essay Contest during the month of May. The essay contest is open to students in grades 9-12, in Palm Beach County public schools. The goal of the contest is to acknowledge deserving local students and give them an opportunity to practice their writing skills. Students are asked to write an essay on a specific topic related to their culture, history life, and school experience from their country of origin to the United States. A committee comprised of teachers and administrators judge the essays based on a writing rubric to include content, originality, style, grammar and spelling. Essay contest winners are recognized during the regular School Board meeting, the third Wednesday of the month of May, when they receive a plaque along with their prize awards and a copy of the Haitian Heritage Month Resolution. Each year, students stories and dissertations are proof of their interests to connect to their history and culture and a manifestation of their commitment not to forget their country when they succeed in life. Here are the links to a couple of winning essays.




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