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4-11-2020 COVID Update


Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF) sets the policies and oversees the operations of Klinik Fonfred, a 3,500 square foot  family medical center located in Fonfrède, a rural community in Les Cayes, Haiti.  


In partnership with Forward in Health, Dr. Thomas Beague, hospitals and specialists in the US, the clinic now offers pediatric, internal medicine , and dental clinics.   Athena Health generously donated  the electronic medical records system to GCF and provided training to the employees.  The staff includes four (4) medical Doctors, 1 Dentist, 6 Nurses, and an administrative and housekeeping staff.  The clinic sees an average of 50-60 patients a day from Monday to Saturday.  Patients are charged a small fee, but they are seen regardless of their ability to pay the small fee.  From our many years of serving our communities in the South of Haiti, we have learned to always treat our patients with dignity and respect.  Allowing them to pay a small fee gives them the opportunity to proudly contribute to a noble cause.

Your individual contributions and the assistance from our partnering organizations have empowered the local Haitian Staff to serve their communities.  We are giving the communities of Southern Haiti, the tools and the resources they need to take care of themselves.   Klinik Fonfred’s dedicated staff provides continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia, Depression, Malaria, acute malnutrition, wound care, among others.  The clinic also provides emergency services for wounded patients.


On an average, Klinik Fonfred sees close to 10,000 patients a year.  Of which 46% (4,600) are women, 36% (3,600) are children and 18% (1,800) Men.  Your continued support throughout these years has help the medical facility run its day-to-day operations, which  provides much needed medical care the communities with no access to health care.  Please consider becoming a member of the 100 club and donate $84/month or $1,000 to cover an entire year of medical care for 50 children at a cost of $20/year per child.

In subsequent phases of our medical center’s development, the facility will include an operating suite with two complete operating rooms.  It is GCF’s intention to continue to partner with the Ministry of Health Officials in Haiti, the local medical community in the Les Cayes area, internal non-profit and non-governmental organizations, private corporations and all willing contributors to build a medical facility that continues to provide the absolute best medical care. Please join us in this most exciting and rewarding journey, as we grow into and even larger medical facility servicing the entire southern region of Haiti.



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