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GCF COVID-19 Response

GCF aims to contribute to the COVID-19 response as follows:

1. Support the effort started by MSPP, Chambre de Commerce (CCIPS ), Regroupement des Commerçants du Sud (RCS) to renovate and equip the first COVID care center in Les Cayes.

2. Produce standard reusable masks approved by the Minister of Health.  The masks will be distributed to patients and different institutions in and near les Cayes, Haiti

3. Work with MMDDS (Mouvement pour la Modernisation et le Développement du Département du Sud) to:

  • Use sound trucks and other means of public announcements in neighborhoods, markets and other public places to spread pre-approved Covid-19 MSPP messages; 

  • To help facilitate hand washing, large with added faucets will be acquired and distributed to those with no access to running water; 

  • Acquire fogger and other sprayers to eventually disinfect public areas.

4-11-2020 COVID Update

04-16-2020 COVID19 UPDATE

GCF joins forces with MSPP, Chambre de Commerce (CCIPS), Regroupement des commercants du sud (RCS), MMDDS, Forward in Health, Les Cayes Marathon, to renovate and re-equip the first COVID care center in Les Cayes, Haiti.

On March 23, 2020, GCF Board Members Anselme Joseph and Herzen Clergé met with MSPP Delegation du Sud and all different partners to develop and execute a plan of action to help prepare for a COVID response for Les Cayes.  The strategy is for MSPP to recruit and train young Doctors and Nurses who will volunteer to self-isolate while they care for patients. Patients and Medical staff will remain at the medical facility that will be renovated and equipped.  GCF is providing overall leadership for the renovation project.  MSPP is responsible to renovate and equip the COVID patient care building. 

GCF has taken the responsibility for transforming the second building into a residence for the Medical Staff who will be caring for COVID patients.  In addition, GCF will also be responsible to renovate a space for the administration, storage and a new kitchen.  As of 4/15/2020, We raised $4,971 from Les Cayes Marathon; $2,000 from Forward in Health; $2,000 from Gaskov Clergé Foundation.  The goal is to complete all of this work by April 25, 2020.  Once renovation is completed, the medical staff's residence will need to be furnished to accommodate the .  Items needed:

  • Mattresses for existing bed frames

  • Bedding sheets & Pillow cases

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Dining room set for 6

  • Dishes 

  • Plates

  • Glasses

  • Utensils

  • Kitchen appliances

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