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Earthquake Relief Update #4

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KUDOS to everyone who supported this cause! YOU helped care for over 7,000 victims; you helped send 155 children to school; you contributed to community and camp outreach activities; AND you provided decent temporary shelters to 8 families. None of what we do is possible without you. GCF remains humbled by your trust and support.

Phase 2 –Construction of temporary shelters

It is more than 4 months since a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti. While some try to resume normal activities, many are still living in deplorable conditions. Shelter remains the #1 priority for the victims with no financial support from families in the diaspora. In all transparency, GCF feels powerless in the face of such great need. We try to maximize the impact of our resources but do acknowledge that it is nowhere near enough.

Over the past month, GCF built a total of 8 temporary shelters with materials provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and GCF’s ONECARETEAM.

GCF’s approach was to build temporary shelters that are simple, safe, and will last long enough to allow the beneficiaries ample time (6 months to 1 year) to secure permanent housing.

The small temporary shelters (12’x12’) are designed to replace the tents and tarps that have been used by families throughout Southern Haiti since the earthquake on August 14. The temporary shelters are well received by the beneficiaries as they provide better security and better protection against rain and cold weather. Many victims throughout the South are in need of, and indeed asking for, similar temporary shelter accommodations.

Selection criteria for shelter beneficiaries are as follows:

  • Must show proof of home destroyed by Earthquake

  • Must be a family of 4 or more, with at least 2 young children

  • Preference for older or female heads of household

  • Head of households must be unemployed

  • Must own space to build the shelter, or have authorization by owner


Shelter # 1: Widow, aged 62, in charge of 3 grandchildren, daughter is mentally unstable; Located in Sou Wòch, Gelée

Before (Home destroyed by earthquake) AFTER

Shelter # 2: Unemployed Husband, Wife and 3 children; Wife is sickly; Sou Wòch, Gelée

Before AFTER

Shelter # 3: Unemployed Husband, wife, and 2 children; Sou Wòch, Gelée

Before AFTER

Shelter #4: Family of 4 in Maniche; husband is unemployed driver without a vehicle

Before: (Family Home completely destroyed by Earthquake) AFTER

Shelter #5: Family of 3; Unemployed and sickly man with 2 small children, wife is deceased; Breffet, Cayes

Before (Home destroyed in Earthquake and “repaired”) AFTER

Shelter #6: Farming Family of 4 with 2 children, husband and wife are unemployed and over 50; Picot, Cayes

Before (Home destroyed by Earthquake) AFTER

Shelter #7: Family of 4 in Derrière Fort , Cayes – Older unemployed couple with younger children

Before (Home destroyed by Earthquake) AFTER

Shelter # 8: Ka Larco, Cayes - Before (Beneficiary used to rent a room in a home destroyed by Earthquake) - Single woman with 2 children.


Estimated cost for 1 temporary shelter:

GCF ONECARE Team: The Unsung Heroes

We consider them our unsung heroes. The ones behind all of our earthquake relief operations. They are always ready and available to serve and do it with so much humility and dignity.

Our Fearless Leader

Anselme Joseph (Junior) is GCF's logistics Director and the thought leader behind all of our earthquake relief operations. He has been on the ground since August and has led all of the operations from the front. GCF would not have been able to accomplish much without his dedication, his love for country and his humble desire to serve his community. We are deeply grateful for Junior.

Our Board Members and tireless Volunteers

Our Board members Karl Joseph and Herzen Clergé made several trips to Haiti to help support the operations. Didier Cherestal and Jacques Charles Denis have been tirelessly supporting the earthquake relief, non-stop. Jacques Glaure made multiple trips to contribute and help the team. We are grateful for their dedication and selflessness.


Sophonie Pierre and Jude Toussaint have been leading the day-to-day operations. In the process, they built the high performing teams that are at the heart of everything GCF accomplished so far. We are so proud of them!


From top left: Domerçant Jude André, St. Simon Chalot, Borgard Egberte, Sylvain Francois Kensley, Jean R. Nestherline, Siméon Bertina, Auguste Eveline

Team 2

Milord Laurore, Hyppolite Obnesse, Bertin Appolon, Lebrun Cherlou, Orphée Ernst, St Juste Rood Shaina, Saint-Louis Gourgue Rose Martine, St Preux Maitelande, (not pictured Evens Désir )

Team 3

Desjardin Frantzou, Croissy Farah, Jeanty Mireille, François Darline, Hubert Jean Rénald, Voltaire jean Michel, Placide Michelet, (not pictured Février Louis Daniel, Christopher Joseph, Pierre Jean Michelet)

HANA-I Nurses:

Left to right : Lacouture Marie Roselie, Valcin Rose Fabiola, Bossuet Rose Darline

FHHH Medical Team

Desravines Stevenson, MD. , Bellange Naomie, Fleurimond Smath, Vigne Rose-Laure, D’Haiti Vilnes, MD.

Other key members of the Medical Team

From left to right, Group picture, NJ4Haiti team members in red shirts, Dr. Roby Marsan, GCF's Board Member and Klinik Fonfred's Medical Director; Dr. Fatima Joseph, Lead Physician at Klinik Fonfred, Ms. Regretta Noël, Klinik Fonfred's Nurse; Ms. Poteau Rose Carmelle, Nurse; Altenord Nixon, MD., Ms. Katiana Exa, Nurse, Evens Désir, Logistics.

Next Steps for Phase 2

As Phase 2 of our response continues into 2022, we will focus our efforts on the following:

  1. Fix Klinik Fonfred's damages and assist KF employees in restoring their homes. We are estimating $50,000 for that project.

  2. Prioritize working with MSPP to rehabilitate 2 community health clinics (dispensaires), so they could continue to provide services to their local communities. We estimated $50,000 for this initiative.

  3. Continue to assess how best to help the victims occupying Land Des Gabions move out of the soccer field. This is turning into a very complex initiative as other organizations have made promises to them that are way beyond GCF's means. We are looking for a creative solution for this problem that must be addressed.

  4. Assess the possibility of recording earthquake and hurricane preparedness educational messages to help spread the word on building better and preparing for inevitable earthquake.


  • Land des Gabions remains a challenge. There are 300 families living on the soccer field in terrible conditions. Evacuating them will require additional funds and tight coordination with the local authorities.

  • Insecurity persists in PAP - making it challenging to transport materials to and from Les Cayes. This is turning into a paralyzing environment.

  • Traveling by road to the south is still considered unsafe due to social and political unrest, and fuel shortage.

  • The need is still overwhelming. In order to maximize the impact of our resources, our team on the ground continues to be disciplined and innovative.

  • We have not yet raised any funds for Phase3. We are re-evaluating our involvement in rebuilding homes for the victims. However, if we were to raise an additional $80,000 - $100,000, we would be able to help rebuild permanent para seismic homes for the 8 families that we've recently built temporary shelters for.

Money Update - Thank you to all of our supporters!

To date, we have raised $248,776, of which $ 114,000 have been spent on phases 1 & 2. We are less than $2,000 away from reaching our fund raising goal of $250,000 for phases one and two of our relief efforts. THANK YOU!

For a list of all our donors, please visit the GCF Earthquake Relief Fund


How can you help?

Please help us raise $100,000 more to help build 8 homes for the families who are living in the temporary shelters we recently built. To help solicit donations on behalf of GCF, please share this link with all your friends and family

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With our deepest gratitude,

GCF - Team 2021 Earthquake


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