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Earthquake Relief Update #5

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Fix Klinik Fonfred's damages

The August 14, 2021, earthquake damaged Klinik Fonfred’s infrastructure and also did not spare the homes of some of the employees.

The earthquake wreaked havoc on countless perimeter walls in Southern Haiti. Klinik Fonfred lost about 100 linear meters of its security wall. Cinder block walls can be very expensive to build or replace so we set out to build back a better security wall without breaking the bank. With the help of many volunteers and a local foreman, we rebuilt the destroyed wall for about $13,000. We are confident the work was done well and that rebuilt section of the perimeter wall should be able to sustain future earthquakes and/or hurricanes.

Klinik Fonfred's warehouse was also damaged by the earthquake. Until GCF rebuilds a warehouse in Fonfred, several container warehouses in Les Cayes have been made available to GCF, free of charge. That allowed us to assign a lower priority to building a new warehouse which targeted to cost $30,000.

In addition, Klinik Fonfred’s portable ECG machine was rendered unusable when it fell from a table during the earthquake. It was replaced with a new Fencia portable machine and assorted electrodes and paper for $607.88. GCF paid an additional $225.30 in shipping costs to send this and other clinic supplies to Port-au-Prince, plus $129.99 to arrive.

Lastly, to better adapt to the new post-earthquake requirements, and to fix issues that surfaced on the roof at the clinic after the earthquake, we needed to reposition the solar panels and secure them on new metal stands on the roof. This also required some rewiring as the existing wires became too short. The cost for fixing the leaking roof and the solar panels was $1,478.00

Thanks to the support of United Way Miami, we will complete all the required repairs. They donated $50,000 specifically to repair the damages at Klinik Fonfred.

Assistance for the staff at Klinik Fonfred

GCF Board and Klinik Fonfred Management are still assessing the best way to support KF staff and their attempt to rebuild their homes. Four 2-bedroom apartments are available for affected members of the staff and their family to use, if needed, free of charge for a full year.

Relief Mission to Anse Du Nord, Grande Cayimite, Pestel - Haiti

Thank You Christ church!

On behalf of those we serve, we express our deepest gratitude to our brothers and sisters at Christ Church. Thank you for your compassion and your support!

Thanks to the generosity of Christ Church, GCF’s earthquake team provided relief to the population of Anse-du-Nord, a small fishing town in Grande Anse, Haiti. Anse-du-Nord has a population of about 600, with women and children of child bearing age making up the majority of the population. The town was severely impacted by the earthquake. Their only school was destroyed. The team traveled to Pestel by car for 3 hours, then traveled for another hour by boat to get to Anse-du-Nord. GCF was the first and only organization that provided relief for that town. When the team got there, all the children, regardless of age, were attending school at the town’s church. When we visited Anse-du-Nord in March 2022, many homes were destroyed and at least 150 families still had no temporary shelter. With the funds donated by the congregation of Christ Church, GCF distributed 200 tents and lanterns to the community, which were purchased at $50 each

CLÈ Haitian Sisterhood (Hygiene Kits)

CLÉ: Haitian Sisterhood’s vision is to be a rich source of empowerment for the community in which Haitian women, regardless of income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential. CLÉ is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, committed to promoting Haiti’s history, culture and traditions for Haitians living abroad globally.

CLÉ Sisters had a Sip and Paint Meetup in which they provided over 40 hygiene kits for young girls and women affected by the earthquake. Each string-bag contained hand-made cloth hygiene pads, panties, towels, soap bars, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner. The girls and women receiving the kits were instructed on how to maximize the use of the hand-made hygiene pads. They were all grateful for the gesture and sent their thanks to the sisterhood.