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Earthquake Relief Update #6 - AKPA Donations

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AKPA Projects

This post is dedicated to the donations Animatè Kiltirel Pou Ayiti (AKPA) made to GCF on April 7, 2022. The donation consists of 3 components:

  1. $21,000 were transferred to GCF's US bank account

  2. Donation of collected supplies located in Hollywood, Florida - (dry food, clothes, diapers)

  3. Supplies purchased by AKPA in 2021. Those supplies were already shipped to Port-au-Prince and needed to be moved to the South of Haiti.

What is GCF doing with the $21K donation from AKPA?

Potable Water Project ($20K)

During our relief mission to Anse-du-Nord on Grande Cayemite island (Grande-Anse) earlier this year, the fishing village population shared that they have no access to potable water. They currently fetch brackish water from a hole dug in the ground. There are currently an estimated 600 people living in the coastline village of Anse-du-Nord. The village came together to rebuild their local school after the earthquake and wanted to know if through the relief efforts, GCF can help provide them with access to clean water. When AKPA offered to donate $21K to GCF, we immediately identified that water project as the best recipient for that donation. This water project is a win-win situation: 1) Over 2,000 people in neighboring villages will benefit from the potable water system; 2) AKPA and its fans get to make a tangible difference in an entire community for years to come.

With the $21K received from AKPA, GCF and its local partners will first pump, store and distribute the existing water, then it will send the water for testing and acquire the right filtration system to render it potable (We did this because the first logical step was to secure the water source from further human contamination). The solar-powered potable water system is expected to service over 2,000 people, and a local committee of elders is already formed to ensure its longevity and security. The project is expected to cost approximately $20,000 in materials and labor. GCF purchased all the materials including but not limited to: a solar-powered pump, 4 Solar panels 500W, 1 inverter 5K, 8 batteries, a 5k backup diesel generator, , 4 1000-gal water tanks, pipes and fittings. The filtration unit is being evaluated and will be purchased soon. On July 13th a team of volunteers from GCF and local community leaders from Grande-Anse traveled 4 hours by car and 1 hour by boat to Anse-du-Nord with all the materials to kick-off the project. The potable water system is being supervised and installed by a local engineer from Grande-Anse and by GCF's Board Members on the ground. Updates on project completion will follow.

What Happened to collected supplies from Hollywood, FL?

August Distribution in Camp-Perrin ($1K for transportation)

The supplies collected in Florida were shipped to Haiti in April 2022. They arrived to Camp-Perrin on June 30th, 2022. In general, GCF does not get directly involved in distributing clothes, diapers, and personal items. We decided to partner with Little Angels of Haiti (LAOH) for an orderly distribution in August 2022 in Camp-Perrin, one of the towns most impacted by the 2021 earthquake. Klinik Fonfred staff will return to Camp-Perrin for a medical mission with LAOH in August. We are planning to distribute those supplies in collaboration with LAOH during that medical mission.

More to come on both the medical mission and supply distribution in Camp-Perrin

Where are the Supplies purchased by AKPA in 2021?

Future Emergency & Backpack Distribution in September ($250 spent for transportation)

The supplies AKPA purchased and shipped to Port-au-Prince were picked up by GCF and transported to Les Cayes in July 2022. GCF received the following items and will redeploy them as follows:

  • Saved for future emergency

    • 68 tents - for future emergency

    • 104 cots - for future emergency

  • Backpack distribution in September 2022

    • 1 box of pencils

    • 15 small boxes of backpacks

    • 3 large boxes of backpacks

More to come on school supply distribution.

Money Update - Thank you to all of our supporters!

To date, GCF raised $371K. So far, we spent about $200K for phase I and Phase II.. Current and future projects are projected to cost an additional $200K: an additional $30K to finish all repairs at Klinik Fonfred; $20K for a potable water system at Grande Cayemite, Grande-Anse; $50K for repairing 2 dispensaries; $100K to build 5-6 homes. At a minimum, we need to raise an additional $30K, anything over that will be applied to phase3. Hence we have set a new goal to $400K.

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For a list of all our donors, please visit the GCF Earthquake Relief Fund

How can you help?

Please help us raise funds to help execute phase 3 of this relief effort and Klinik Fonfred. To help solicit donations on behalf of GCF, please share this link with all your friends and family

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