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GCF Update #1 - Phase One

In our update last week, we shared that we will be having a 3 phased approach to the disastrous earthquake that hit our home region on August 14th, 2021. We wanted to offer a quick update on what we've been doing to serve some of the impacted communities. Read the summary of our 3 phased response.

Mobile Clinics

GCF's Klinik Fonfred, together with local Doctors and Nurses sponsored by NJ4Haiti, Foundation for Hope and Health for Haiti, and Haitian Alliance Nurses Association International (HANA-I), led multiple mobile clinics to care for over 760 victims in Maniche, Kaskad Dubreuil, Church of Latter-Day Saints, and Landes des Gabions soccer field. We anticipate the need for basic care will increase during the next few months. Sixteen out of 42 public health facilities collapsed during the earthquake leaving many with no access to health care. Our goal is to provide assistance to 2,000 victims during phase one of our response.

Water Distribution

GCF distributed water to about 50 families in Maniche. We prepared food kits to provide relief for 500 families in impacted areas that have not yet received any help. Our team will work with local authorities to identify those areas and will plan to focus more on food and water distribution during the week of September 6th. Currently, over 30+ local volunteers from multiple local organizations, separated into 3 rotating teams of 10 members, are serving the impacted communities along with GCF and Klinik Fonfred. GCF plans to continue to serve the remote areas to provide temporary shelter relief when the tents and tarps arrive safely from PAP.

Bread Donation from Bainet, Haiti

The people of Bainet, through Help Bainet Foundation, drove to Les Cayes to deliver bread for over 1,000 victims and avocados for 200. That gesture epitomizes the essence of the Haitian people's spirit. They partnered with GCF to distribute bread to victims in various locations in Les Cayes. On behalf of all those who received bread, we say THANK YOU to the people of Bainet.


This is by far the most complicated mission we've had in our entire 22 years of existence. The volatile environment in Haiti is dramatically impacting our ability to respond to the needs of those we can serve. We are still waiting for the tents and tarps we purchased to be delivered. The insecurity is slowing down the delivery of items purchased from PAP or those donated and shipped to Haiti. In addition, because we work mostly in remote areas, we are dealing with rough terrains that present a challenge to vehicles we are using for transportation. Here are some of the challenges we've had to work around:

  • Transportation to remote locations - We need 2 more heavy duty trucks

  • Volatile conditions from PAP are slowing down delivery of shelter materials and medical supplies

  • Shelter products are hard to find even when purchased from local vendors

  • We are purchasing medication locally, which is very expensive

  • Insecurity makes it very difficult to implement and execute any plan - we have to remain flexible and fluid

Money Update - Thank you to all our supporters!

We are humbled by the trust the communities we serve invested in us. We are equally humbled by the outpouring support we've received from so many individual donors and organizations. We are committed to openly share how your contributions are helping the victims in the South of Haiti. Our sincere thanks for your generosity and sympathy!

  • Food, water, and hygiene products were all purchased locally. The kits have been prepared and are ready for distribution to areas in need. Shelter items are delayed, but still in transit.

  • GCF is a 501c3 organization. Completed 990 form for 2019 can be found at

  • A complete list of supporters can be found at:

How can you help?

We shipped multiple trucks of donated medical supplies and temporary shelter that are still en route. We still need additional funds to continue with the execution of our response plan. Please support at:

Thank you to our Collaborators!

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With our deepest gratitude,

GCF - Team 2021 Earthquake


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